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Demo Account

The demo account is a pilot of the trading platform given to new clients to get acustomed to the new trading system and how to navigate through it with different market signals and symbols.
Here the learner can test himself with virtual money and learn how to analize the trends of the market.

The financial market is too risky and fragile so the demo account gives you a scope of what the market is all about and what reckless moves would mean to your investiment if you are trading on a live account.
The client now has time and virtual money to learn the dos and don'ts when trading on a live account after experimenting on a demo account.

The trading platform is not an easy platform to use but with practice a client can learn many things and get flexible with the platform by using a demo account's platform and learn how the trading symbols and tools operate.
On the demo account you can test the trading signals and plus the market news by using them to open up positions and see how that works out for you on a demo account before taking that on a live acount.

Specific lot sizes are opened depending on the size of the account and each lot size has got an implecation to the account specially if it still swings in negative.
The clients can learn how to use different lot sizes on their accounts on a demo account and understand why it's very important to choose the right lot size by trying out on a demo account.

Features demo account :

  • Virtual money of up to $10k
  • Personal coach who guides you step by step
  • Learn about different market trading options
  • User friendly platforms easily accessible.
  • Open Live Account
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